Who am I?

I am a spacey lady, with her head in the clouds, but most people call me Layce. I have been drawing and creating my own stories since I was a little girl. As a child, I loved anything fantastical, and would create my own worlds and act them out with toys and sometimes even friends. From a young age, I started to enjoy anime and manga since the cartoons seemed more mature and the art really stood out to me. Throughout high school, I would draw comics, write fanfiction, and I even wrote my own fiction on fictionpress (good luck trying to find those accounts lol). To sum it up, I was always creating some kind of story, and using different ways to tell them.

Fast forward to college, where I attended Florida State University. It was a great school, but not many professors valued art as entertainment. I changed my style to get the grades, but I definitely lost that special magic I felt when creating stories. Instead, I tried to make art that I thought people wanted me to make, and I didn’t really enjoy it anymore. Thankfully, I found a few professors who really encouraged my cartoons and comics. These professors were a huge confidence booster, and I decided to pursue art as a means of storytelling once again!

That road of inspiration was winding to say the least, but it lead me to some really cool places and to unique experiences. On July 8th, 2016, I moved to Japan where I gathered inspiration for my first comic series, Strawberry Samurai.  As I mentioned earlier, manga, specifically manga aimed at girls and women, influenced me as a young artist, but as I grew older, I realized that most of the mainstream comics in America are not created for women. Not to say that women can't enjoy these comics, but personally, I always preferred shoujo manga to American comics. Thankfully, we are seeing a gradual shift for more inclusiveness in mainstream comics, and I want to contribute to this change by creating comics for women and young girls.

And all of that brings us to the present day! Currently, on my artistic journey, I am back in Asia (specifically Vietnam), working hard on developing the structure of my very first comic, Strawberry Samurai. This past year, I have been storyboarding, designing characters, writing, and the like. I have been learning all that is involved with creating a comic, and the process has been very challenging but enjoyable. I have started applying to publishers, but am open to self-publishing as well. As far as the future is concerned, I have some big adventures to look forward to!

Thank you so much for listening to my story, but rest assured, I have plenty more stories to tell! I hope you’ll continue to listen to my stories in the future!

From one space cadet to another,

Layce Boswell

pictures of me and My time in japan